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Community Service and Development Center (CSDC)

ICA aims to raise the social consciousness and social responsibility of the administrators, faculty and staff, parents and students by creating programs that are developmental and holistic in nature.Thus, its Community Service and Development Program (CSDP) aims to develop among the various members of the academic community, especially the students, a deep social awareness and consciousness that would empower them to become agents of social change. To better create a transformative culture for the students, ICA implemented in the year 2005 the Catholic schools’ Transformative Education (TEd) which focuses on Environment, Gender Sensitivity, Political, and Justice and Peace Education. ICA upholds the goal of TEd to form students to become integrated and wholistic, analytical and critical thinkers, socially oriented, gender sensitive, environmental friendly, politically mature, transformative leaders and concern for others and the rest of creation.




An ICA community together with its partner communities is empowered and socially transformed.




To be a living witness of the Good News- Christ by becoming socially aware and committed members of ICA community who actively participate in the promotion of dignity of all human life through service to others and integrity of creation.




1. To develop among school community members – students, faculty/staff, parents and administrators – social awareness, social responsibility, faith and deep gratitude geared towards social change.

2. To assist the members of the school community in their aspiration to share their talents and skills, time, energy and God’s blessings.

3. To provide programs and services that are responsive to the situation and needs of the partner communities and social welfare institutions.

4. To develop a self-reliant and Christ-centered community.

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