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Admission to Immaculate Conception Academy
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Enrollment for School Year 2021-2022

A. School Fees Tables and Booklists:

School Fees
(may be accessed starting April 15, 2021)




(may be accessed starting April 19, 2021)



B. Online Enrolment Schedule:

May 3 to 14, 2021

C. Enrolment Requirements





Report Card







Recommendation Form





Health Record Form

and Hearing & Vision Test



Health Information Update Form





Data Privacy Agreement















Guidance Department

Wellness Information Sheet



Virtual Guidance Counseling and
Informed Consent







Student’s Digital Picture






























Family Information
Update Form













Old Students

Please settle accountabilities, if any.
Only cleared students will be sent a link for the first step of enrolment.

Not Required







Not Required





Not Required




Parents who would want to update their child’s
immunization record and medical condition may do so
thru this link:


You may download the DPA from this link:


Please sign and submit on or before May 31, 2021. Submission Options:
1. https://forms.gle/DkjxTZ3L6CtDJwncA
2. You may email the signed DPA to registrar.adm@icagh.edu.ph
*File name format:


  • Last Name of Student, Complete Given Name, Middle Initial, Student ID Number, INCOMING Grade Level
    Ex. CO, MARY GRACE ANN N. 20210300 Grade 2

*Email Subject: Student ID Number, Student Last Name, DPA

The circular and instructions for the Wellness Information Sheet may be
found on this link:


The circular and instructions for the Virtual Guidance Counseling and
Informed Consent may be found on this link:




Deadline of submission to the Guidance Office is on or before July 12, 2021.

This will be used to update the records of the Office of the Registrar, Grade School Principal’s Office, and High School Principal’s Office.
It must be taken within the last 2 months. The student must be wearing her school uniform or alternative shirt in the picture.


Photo Specifications:
1. Image


  • a. Standard close-up shot (from shoulder level up and with the head and face occupying at least 80% of the picture).
  • b. Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera.
  • c. The student may wear reading glasses (please avoid taking picture with glare)


2. Background: White

3. File type: JPEG or PNG

4. Resolution: Minimum of 300 dpi

5. File Size: At least 220kb

6. File Name Format:


Last Name of Student, Complete Given Name, Middle Initial, Student ID Number, INCOMING Grade Level
Ex. CO, MARY GRACE ANN N. 20210300 Grade 2


Please upload the picture in the following link on or before June 18, 2021:


This will be the first step of enrolment. The link to this form will be sent to
both parents’ registered email addresses. Only old students who are
cleared for SY20-21 & new students with submitted report cards and
recommendation forms will be sent the link. You are required to fill up this
form before you can proceed to the next step of enrolment.


If you do not receive the email by April 29, 2021 (12 MN) containing the link
for this form, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

New Students

Not Required



Please upload scanned copy of final report card issued by previous school
thru this link:


We will require submission of the physical
card once face-to-face schooling is

If your daughter’s previous school has
not yet submitted to ICA, please request
them to send a scanned copy of the
Recommendation Form to :

If available, please send scanned copy to :


These documents are required as soon
as face-to-face schooling is allowed.

Not Required





D. Enrolment Procedure




An email containing the link to the Family Information Update Form will be sent to both parents’ email addresses on April 29, 2021, to signify the start of the enrolment process.


The email will contain the names, student id numbers, incoming grade levels of students to be enrolled. The validation code to be used for both the Family Information Update Form and Assessment Form will also be included.



After submitting the Family Information Update Form found in Step 1, please wait for the confirmation email from the Registrar’s Office within 48 hours.


Receiving this confirmation email signifies that your Family Information Update Form response has been acknowledged by the Registrar and you can continue to the next step.


This email will contain the link for the Assessment Forms. Without this, you cannot proceed to the next steps.


If you do not receive the confirmation email within 48 hours, please contact the Registrar’s Office.





Please fill up the Assessment Form per student. Link to the Assessment Form is found in the confirmation email sent by the Registrar’s Office after submitting the Family Information Update Form.



You will receive a confirmation email containing the total payable per student. Follow payment instructions/options that will be sent in the email.



Email proof of payment to businessoffice@icagh.edu.ph with Subject heading: Last name, ID number, Enrollment SY21-22


Please attach a clear copy of the deposit slip or transfer slip.


The Official Receipt and the original copy of the list of books and supplies purchased will be sent along with the delivery of books and supplies starting May 24, 2021. Logistics personnel assigned will contact you a day before the scheduled delivery.

Always make sure that you are sending to or receiving from @icagh.edu.ph email accounts and the Viber Numbers indicated on this circular. We do not use personal email accounts to communicate with you, but our designated email accounts from assigned services of the school.


Please ensure that you have the correct Student ID Number and incoming grade level of each student to be enrolled.


Late enrolment (starting May 15, 2021) is subject to a surcharge of P500.00 per student.


Late payment of Semestral/Quarterly school fees will be subject to a surcharge of P500.00 every Semester or Quarter. Please refer to the ‘Schedule of Fees’ for the payment deadlines.


Books and supplies ordered within the enrolment period will be delivered free of charge. Late and/or additional orders of supplies/materials will be subjected to appropriate delivery fee.

E. Payment Channels

1. Direct Deposit to ICA’s designated banks.

2. Credit Card Payment


2.1. American Express Credit Cards (Straight or Regular Installment)

2.2. EastWest Bank Credit Cards (Regular Installment Only)


Cardholders are requested to physically go to ICA to swipe their credit cards.


a. Call up the Business Office at (02)8723-7042 loc. 329 / 223 or thru Viber Message to 0922 898 0607 to schedule an appointment for May 3 to 14, 2021.
b. Please bring a copy of the confirmation email that contains the total payable amount to be swiped.

c. Credit Card swiping will only be the allowed transaction to avoid overcrowding.

d. Please be advised that you will be required to fill up a Health Declaration Form upon entry in ICA. Forms are available at Gate 2 or thru the following link:


e. No Face Mask and Face Shield, No Entry.

F. Delivery Schedule:

Delivery of purchased items will be delivered starting May 24, 2021. Logistics personnel assigned will contact you a day before the scheduled delivery.

G. Enrolment Support:

Office staff will be available to assist you on enrolment matters during office hours: Mondays to Fridays 8 am to 3 pm (No Lunch Break).


Family Information Update Form



Clarifications on Books & Supplies




Assessment and Payment







Registrar’s Office



Business Office










Contact Information

(02) 8723 7042 loc. 225
Viber: 0915 064 6748

(02) 8723 7042 loc. 329 or 223
Viber: 0922 898 0607
Viber: 0917 625 4838

(02) 8723 7042 loc. 255
Viber: 0927 574 5959

Viber: 0906 499 3066
Viber: 0906 499 3075

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