The ICAn - Immaculate Conception Academy
ICA education aims at forming young women who will possess the following qualities: A True Christian, A Competent Student, A Committed Citizen, A Cultured and Refined Lady.
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ICA education aims at forming young women who will possess the following qualities of:


She possesses a basic knowledge of Christ’s teachings and essential doctrines and practices of the Roman Catholic Church.


She manifests the Christian values of:

• Faith that enables her to put her trust in God and serve the Church;
• Hope that makes her persevering, joyful and thankful for everything;
• Love that motivates her to serve others.

She shows in her thoughts, decisions, and actions:

• a desire to meet Christ in Scripture, prayer, and the sacraments;
• a zeal to spread the Good News to others;
• a capacity to discern what is right and wrong;
• integrity in upholding moral principles;
• respect for life and the integrity of creation;
• sensitivity to the needs of others;
• compassion as she relates with others;
• a preference for simple lifestyle.


Adequately equipped with academic knowledge, skills, and values, she:

• thinks reflectively, logically, creatively and critically in making sound decisions;
• communicates her ideas, convictions, and feelings effectively in both oral and written forms;
• applies mathematical, scientific, and information and communication technology skills with accuracy, ease and      confidence;
• shows creative, artistic and athletic skills;
• practices independence, self-discipline and sportsmanship;
• establishes personal goals for learning and influencing others to love learning; and
• works collaboratively with others.


Conscious of her Chinese Filipino cultural identity she:

• strives to integrate Chinese and Filipino cultural traditions;

• performs the duties and responsibilities of a good citizen;

• values her unique role within the Chinese Filipino community;

• endeavors to contribute to the attainment of the goals of the nation;

• involves herself in seeking solutions to contemporary problems in light of the Gospel and the teachings of the Church;

• shows active concern for balanced ecology and preservation of mother earth; and

• recognizes the role of the Philippines in Asia and in the world in promoting justice, peace and unity.


Manifesting grace and dignity, she:

• takes pride in her potentialities and develops these fully;

• adapts and adjusts herself to any given situation with tact and maturity, showing self-control in difficult and stressful situations;

• exhibits a degree of aesthetic and fine sense of the arts that exudes femininity;

• speaks, behaves, and acts in a confident, warm, sincere, caring and gentle way;

• observes proper norms of conduct, social graces, and rules of etiquette wherever she is;

• adopts and maintains a healthy lifestyle that makes her physically fit and active; and

• observes proper grooming and feminine hygiene at all times.


Ultimately, ICA aims to graduate a woman of faith, excellence and service.

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