Four Generations, One Shared History - Immaculate Conception Academy
We feature Mrs. Purita (Josephine) Ng Cheng of the Class of 1955, whose family has already produced its fourth generation of ICAns
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four generations

Four Generations, One Shared History

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With 85 years of history, ICA has become a tradition for many. We feature Mrs. Purita (Josephine) Ng Cheng of the Class of 1955, whose family has already produced its fourth generation of ICAns.

As an ICAn, I value my education and how we were taught to practice generosity and charity. I contribute towards the growth of our community by being committed to be of service to others especially to our less privileged brothers and sisters. I had countless experiences along the way, but my alma mater has shown me to not fear life’s challenges as I was taught to lead my life with strength, courage and to work hard for what I want to achieve.

Purita (Josephine) Ng Cheng Batch ’55 First generation ICAN

I am truly grateful for my mom, that she chose to put us in ICA, her Alma Mater. ICA has not only provided great education to myself and my daughters but also helped build great camaraderie among us. As a second generation Chinese and ICAn in the Philippines, trust in humanity and living a life of faith and service were the key things that ICA has instilled in us. Our family is very fortunate to have four generations of Icans. This did not happen by chance. It is in the belief of the ICAn education system and values, hence, we continue to send our future generations to ICA.

Marie Tes Lee Batch 77 Second generation ICAN

ICA has developed my overall character and helped shape the woman of faith and service I have become today. My overall experience in ICA has not only developed my leadership skills but also paved the way for my entry to a prestigious university in the UK. Coming home armed with my experience and good foundation skills learned from my Alma mater has equipped me in running the family business. Although it’s been almost 25 years since I graduated from ICA, the friendships formed have been true and long lasting. Being part of the third generation to have studied in ICA, I am truly grateful to my parents who have continued with this family tradition. I am in no doubt to send our future generation to ICA.

Maria Angelie Cheng Lee Batch ’00 Third generation ICAN

ICA has always educated students into possessing the qualities of being a true Christian, a competent student, a committed citizen, and a cultured and refined young lady – centered on being a woman of faith, excellence, and thanksgiving.
ICA has molded me into the kind of person | am today allowing me to instill in myself that faith, excellence and thanksgiving are the steps to success. My education has shaped me into digging deeper within my own self and capabilities, and allowed me to overcome a set of boundaries which made me discover new skills, knowledge, and experiences to help in my future endeavors.

Trista Rhyanna Tantoco Dy Batch 23 Fourth generation ICAN

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