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By Ms. Princess Pante

This year’s celebration of the Mission Month and United Nations Day for the students in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Grade 1 revolved around the value of friendship. The
students were provided with opportunities to build and maintain friendships with their schoolmates as a way of initiating them into a practice of tending to and caring for other
people. The lineup of was closely tied with the Kindness Campaign of the Guidance area.

During the month of October, the students listened to stories with themes about making new friends, maintaining good social relationships, and resolving conflict with others.
They also practiced collaboration as they worked together with other pupils to design creative murals displayed on one of the bulletin boards in the area. Last October 24, all students from the Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Grade 1 classes came together once more, dressed up in attires from different parts of the globe, to celebrate the culmination of the month-long observances. Selected pupils led the offering of flowers and a decade of the rosary to officially close the Month of the Holy Rosary. The girls were also made to look back on the friendships they made and nurtured through some action songs.

The program continued with a Mission Talk from the guest speakers, Mr. Roland Dela Cerna and Mrs. Andrea Chaveli Dela Cerna, an ICA alumna. The husband-and-wife tandem graciously shared their personal experiences to the crowd of eager students. Their talk demonstrated the significance of connecting with others and cultivating bonds as part of one’s mission, while at the same time highlighted the theme of the Year of the Youth in the Philippines—"Beloved, Gifted, Empowered”. After the program, the students returned to their respective classrooms for recess. This time, however, the food they brought were not only meant to be shared with their classmates, but also with their newfound or prospective friends from their partner section. Selected pupils, with the help of their teachers, delivered the food platters themselves, similar to that of sharing
an agape meal.

The girls ended the fruitful day with a short recap and processing of activities with their class advisers. Last but not the least, they were also tasked to make personalized letters to be
given to missionaries. With all the activities throughout the month, it is hoped that these young girls have been inspired to offer their friendship and become a missionary for others.




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