Mother-Daughter Interaction 2019 : A Day Together for a Bond Forever - Immaculate Conception Academy
ICA Greenhills is a non-stock, non-profit elementary and secondary school owned and directed by the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (MIC).
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Mother-Daughter Interaction 2019 : A Day Together for a Bond Forever

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By Halli Kaye Cokeng

The Mother-Daughter Interaction was designed specifically for the Grade 9 students to form a healthier relationship with their mothers, deepen their connection, encourage open
communication, and to simply spend time together.
Last November 9, the students and their mothers spent the morning bonding through doing a do-it-yourself picture frame activity, games, reading each other’s letters, and signing a mother-daughter contract.
More than just having fun, they were able to express their deepest appreciation, love, and respect towards each other.
The few hours together certainly created a bond that we hope will last forever.

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