JHS English Speech Fest 2018: Celebrating Literature and Rhetorics - Immaculate Conception Academy
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JHS English Speech Fest 2018: Celebrating Literature and Rhetorics

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by Ms. Patricia Hapin

The Junior High School (JHS) Communication Arts in English area aims to continuously
strengthen the communicative skills of the learners with topics and activities on reading, writing, listening and speaking.
In line with this goal, the area showcased the knowledge and skills of the students in the
English language through the Speech Fest celebration held last November 19 and 20 with the theme
“ENGLISH: Redefining the Self with Literature, Reforming the 21 st  Century through Rhetorics”.

This one day event gave the students an opportunity to further appreciate how English literature and language serve as an avenue to promote values that enable a person to improve herself and use the knowledge gained to impart positive changes during this challenging time.


The students manifested their competence of the language through these events:

Activity Brief description

Grade 7

Reader’s Theater

The activity intended to further develop the reading ability of the students. The students were expected to use appropriate reading techniques to make the story more appealing to the audience.
Grade 8 Speech Choir This activity enabled the students to work as a class in bringing a poem to life by memorizing the lines and incorporating choreography to further emphasize the meaning of the piece.

Grade 9

Jazz Chant

The activity allowed the students to creatively express their opinion on a given theme by composing a short poem and applying rhythm and actions into it.

Grade 10

Dramatic Monologue

The selected participants of each class were challenged to effectively deliver a chosen literary piece by observing proper characterization through actions and emotions.




Apart from these, the JHS English area also targeted to include the teachers and even the librarians in the celebration. This was done through the Dress Up as Your Favorite Book Character contest wherein they were requested to come wearing costumes that will best exemplify their favorite book characters.

Overall, the JHS English area may say that it was a successful celebration of the English language. The team was grateful for the cooperation of everyone from the High School department and with this, the JHS English area is already looking forward for the succeeding Speech Fest celebration.

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