Career and Art Fest 2018 | Tuklas Sining. Exploring Potentials. Going Places - Immaculate Conception Academy
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Career and Art Fest 2018 | Tuklas Sining. Exploring Potentials. Going Places

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By Ms. Charmaine Esteban and Ms. Karla Verzosa

On its 3 rd year, the Senior High School held the Career and Art Fest last November 6-9, 2018
spearheaded by both the Senior High School Academic Office and the Senior High School Guidance
Counselors. The event was filled with activities that catered to the students’ interest and needs
considering as well their academic strand and college and career options.

“Tuklas Sining” gave students opportunities to awaken their art sensibilities through workshops on
visual arts, baybayin, film and arts and crafts. Master Fernando Sena, the father of Philippine Art
workshops, and the Buenas Art Group facilitated sessions on painting using various media while Mr. Leo
Emmanuel Castro of Sanghabi Inc. brought to life Baybayin in the 21 st century. Ms. Martika Escobar then shared her experience as film producer, editor and cinematographer. A photo exhibit entitled, Showcase of Filipino Talent, also added to the event’s highlights with a display of Juan Portrait’s, a non-
government organization whose advocacy is to reach out to people through photography, photos of
beautiful landscapes of the archipelago that also capture the simplicity of Filipino life in far-flung


Next, “Exploring Potentials: Strand-Based Learning”, enabled the students to discover their academic
strand further through conferences, interactive activities and workshops. ABM’s Awakening Business
Marvels delve into social entrepreneurship to showcase how local yet competitive businesses support
communities. HUMSSaya: Celebrating Diversity through the Arts and Social Sciences became an avenue
for students to engage themselves in discussions about social responsibility in the legal field, in social
enterprising and animal welfare. Workshops on film making, photography, modern art and fiction
writing and presentations of invited authors from Anvil and Adarna Publishing Houses also made the
event worthwhile. STEM’s #STEMerrific Day: Careers, Innovation and Fun Rolled into One invited ICA
alumnae to share their experience of pursuing Science and Math related careers while Red Cross
conducted first aid training. Lastly, Zeteo Quest challenged the students’ skills in decoding answers,
decision-making and cooperating with one another to accomplish a common goal.

To culminate the 4-day event, the Career Festival with the theme “Going Places” centered on topics
related to success mapping and goal setting, which are essential in the career decision-making process.
The event covered different activities, which included the College Admissions Talks, College Show and
Tell, Career Decision Making Workshop, Personality Development Workshop and Career Fair.

The College Admissions Talk for Grade 11 students with the theme Off to College gave an opportunity to
prestigious local universities to discuss about their respective academic programs and course offerings.
Meanwhile, the College Show and Tell was conducted simultaneously for the graduating batch. The
one-hour talk featured ICA alumnae who are either college students or graduates from different local
universities where they talked about their college life and their choice of course.
The Career Decision Making Workshop was also organized in partnership with College Link Quest. The
theme, Looking Beyond: A Talk Through of What College Would Be Like, was specifically designed for
Grade 11 students to address their needs in terms of preparing themselves for college. The workshop
processed the students’ expectations of what college would be like. It provided them an opportunity to share concerns particularly on choosing their courses and schools, and taking the college entrance

The Personality Development Workshop was given in partnership with Team Aguhon headed by their
CEO and Founder, Mr. Brent Reodica. The group is the first and only professional training company for
students in the Philippines. The two-day workshop focused mainly on Direction Management. It is a
proprietary series of workshops designed to equip students with skills and competence needed to make
informed decisions regarding career and challenges of life beyond formal education.

On its fourth year, the Career Fair 2018 with the theme, Career Compass: Navigating the Path to College
was held at the Delia Tetrault Arts and Sports Complex (DTASC). It was participated by 45 local and
foreign universities and college placement agencies. It served as an opportunity for students, both junior
and senior high school, to interact with college admissions representatives and discuss about their
respective academic programs and course offerings. Through this event, the students were able to
discover different options and explore new insights about college placement.

Indeed, it was an eventful week for our Senior High School Students that enlivened both their creative
and artistic potentials and their readiness to take the next big step to achieving their goals – entering

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