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By Mrs. Sheryll Angeles


Since World Environment Day began in 1994, it has become a global platform of
the United Nations to raise awareness on the significance of a healthy environment and
move countries to address various environmental issues that threaten our planet. This
year’s celebration was hosted by India, with the theme, “Beat Plastic Pollution.” The
theme aims to call upon nations to combat the extreme consequences brought about by
plastic pollution and to come up with mitigating measures to lessen use of plastic

In support of this program, the ICA grade school science area launched the
Environment Week Celebration last July 6, 2018 with the theme “Plastic Ocean.”

The celebration aptly started with the pupils and teachers coming together to thank God for the gift of creation through the Holy Mass. This was presided by Fr. Xavier Olin, SJ, who
reminded the students that the first step in saving the environment is to take care of
their immediate surroundings. Teachers and selected students came in their marine
animal costumes and headdresses to emphasize the wondrous beauty of the sea.

Classroom activities like survey of plastic use at home and in school, poster-
making, trash segregation, and Ecobrick-making were initiated to awaken the pupils’
consciousness on how plastics affect our environment and what they can do to beat
plastic pollution. Selected pupils from every section were tapped to be Earth Crusaders
who will motivate their fellow students to take part in the schoolwide effort to make
changes in our lifestyle to save the planet.


Science teachers are aware that instilling the virtue of stewardship and
responsibility does not happen in just one week. Thus, efforts to raise environmental
consciousness among the students will be a continuous journey throughout the school
year. As the science curriculum equips the pupils with scientific knowledge, the science
teachers hopes to achieve ICA”s goal of forming ICAns who are passionate stewards of
God’s creation. 


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