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By: Mrs. Maria Asuncion Villanueva


Ms. Shirley Tan, ICA Grade School Principal, graced the Grade 3 Reading classes
through her participation in the students’ enrichment activity last Day 3, Monday, July
30, 2018. The Grade 3 Reading class invited Ms. Tan over to their Reading and
Homeroom classes to enrich their experience of the story they have just read in class, “A
Fine, Fine School.”

The main character in the Grade 3 Reading selection “A Fine, Fine School written
by Sharon Creech, Mr. Keene, was a principal proud of his school. He would tell
everyone that their school was a “fine, fine school,” thereby announcing that there would
be classes on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and the whole summer break.

In this activity “Meet the Principal,” Ms. Tan played the role of Mr. Keene and
asked the students about how they felt when a video of herself was filmed prior to the
reading of the story, telling the students that they will have classes on Saturdays and
Sundays. A sigh of relief was the common response to Ms. Tan’s video, after learning
that it was not true.

Aside from having a day with the principal and getting to know their principal
better, the students were able to express their problems and give their suggestions
regarding things that concern their school. In addition, this activity paved the way to
instill the virtue of assertiveness and courage to the students without losing their virtues
of respect and obedience.

The Grade 3 Meet the Principal activity was emceed by Alexa Jacob of St. Jane
Frances and Alexi Jabanas of St. Gertrude. Naomi Uy of St. Rita gave a message of
gratitude as a symbol of gratefulness to Ms. Tan from the Grade 3 students and teachers.
It was indeed, a “fine, fine day” with Ms. Tan.


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