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ICA Greenhills is a non-stock, non-profit elementary and secondary school owned and directed by the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (MIC).
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By: Ms. Jetherine Smile Flogencio   Last July 4, 2018, the Anti-Bullying Program was launched through a forum to present the issue of bullying in a multidisciplinary approach. The forum entitled “SOB: Students Opposing Bullying” delved into the nature of bullying, its effects and the approaches to it. The forum...

Attention: Grade 7 Parents Please see attached circular that the HS English Area intended to release on July 20, Friday, regarding the G7 students' Library Instruction Program Orientation. However, due to the cancellation of classes, we were unable to do so. The circular was distributed to...

July 20, 2018

TO: All Junior High School 
 Parents (Grades 7 -10) FR: Office of the HS 
 Principal RE: 1st Quarter PTC
 July 21, 2018   The PTC for Junior High School shall push through as scheduled unless there is an officially declared suspension of work due to...

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