Saturday, April 19, 2014


The curriculum in Araling Panlipunan in high school is focused on developing skills and values inherent in the disciplines of history and economics. 


Through the study of History, the students will be better able to understand their own society as well as others. By understanding the relationship of past and present, students will be equipped to deal with problems that might arise in the future. Students will understand chronological thinking and connections between causes and effects and between continuity and change. History enables students to see how people in other times and places have dealt with the fundamental questions of truth, justice, and personal responsibility, to understand that ideas have real consequences, and to realize that events are shaped both by ideas and actions of individuals. 


Integrated in the course on Philippine history is a brief summary of experiences of the Chinese Filipinos, from the time of migration to the present. The focus is on how the Chinese were eventually assimilated into Philippine culture. First year students work on a year-long project that allows them to explore their own family’s history as Chinese Filipinos. 


The study of economics is geared towards understanding the basic economic principles that support the market economy and different economic systems. Through this, the students will learn how to make wise economic decisions about their own lives and become intelligent consumers, employers, and workers. A solid grounding in economics will help students prepare for the global marketplace and the complex world of the future.


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